Oxford Vacation

Step back in time to the 1600’s when you arrive at the charming waterfront village of Oxford, one of the oldest towns in America. A former colonial port with a rich maritime history, the tree-lined streets of Oxford, have maintained their historic charm with original homes and white picket fences. Located near the mouth of the Tred Avon River, Oxford is a major port for Chesapeake Bay yachting and home to several marinas with sailboats coming and going throughout the day.

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The scenic Morris Street runs through the center of park and has a quiet village park with picturesque sunsets over the Tred Avon River. Morris Street is also home to the Oxford Museum, across from the park. The Museum takes you back to the 1600’s where you can learn more about the historic life of the town. The Oxford Custom House, a small one roomed building is an exact replica of the first customs house in the US. Treat yourself to tea on the veranda of the Robert Morris Inn, a 300 year old Inn traditionally built by ships’ carpenters in the 1700’s. The interior of hand hewn beams and wood pegged panelling has carefully been restored over the years. Located in another of Oxford’s historical buildings is the Scottish Highland Creamery, with over 600 original flavors this is a definite stop-over for ice-cream lovers. On the outskirts of town lies The Oxford Cemetery, with a beautiful view and stone markers dating back to the 1700’s.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of activity in and around Oxford. Take to the water in a sailboat or power boat, kayak or canoe. There is excellent fishing and seasonal hunting. Cyclists will enjoy the flat terrain and can take advantage of the popular cycling route between the three towns of Easton, Oxford and St Michaels. There are two small beaches, a small sandy area within the village park, perfect for watching the boats and beautiful sunsets across Chesapeake Bay. Strand Beach is a public beach overlooking the Tred Avon River.

Be sure to take the short ferry ride across the water to explore the town of St Michaels. Nearby Tilghman Island is worth a visit, off the beaten path at the end of the peninsula near St Michaels.

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